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Without your fridge or freezer, you’d have trouble keeping your food from spoiling. It can be frustrating, therefore, when one of them breaks down. Like all appliances, refrigerators and freezers are made up of several moving parts that work together in a continuous cycle. They include the compressor, expansion valve, condenser coils, evaporator coils, and the refrigerant itself. When just one of these parts fails or malfunctions, it can affect the functionality of the entire system. If your fridge or freezer has stopped working, you can’t afford to wait around, so get fridge repair services from the experts right away. Brown’s Appliance Repair is a refrigerator repair company that offers prompt, professional service to Kernersville, NC and the surrounding areas, with faster response times than other nearby technicians. Samuel Brown can fix fridges, standalone freezers, and more. He will examine the appliance thoroughly to pinpoint the source of the problem, then determine the most effective repair solution. Call now in order to get more information. 

Five Signs That You Need Freezer or Fridge Repair

While it may not be obvious right away if your fridge or freezer is starting to fail, there are several common telltale signs to look out for. Get in touch as soon as possible if you notice any of the following: 

  1. Your food is going bad too quickly. 
  2. You notice that the fridge or freezer isn’t getting cold. 
  3. There’s excess condensation on the outside. 
  4. Your fridge or freezer makes a lot of noise. 
  5. Frost is building inside your freezer. 

Sometimes, these issues can be resolved with a thorough cleaning of the condenser coils; other times, they may indicate that you need a replacement part. Either way, Samuel Brown has the skills and knowledge to evaluate your kitchen appliances, and provide top-notch repair services that will get them up and running again in no time.  

Let a Professional Refrigerator Repair Company Give You the Help You Need

Brown’s Appliance Repair is proud to be one of the most knowledgeable, customer-oriented companies in the Kernersville, NC area. Whether you’re having trouble with your refrigerator or stand-alone freezer, you can count on Samuel for prompt, efficient repair services. He can work with most makes and models, and will take the time to understand your specific concerns before getting started. Samuel offers refrigerator and freezer repair service to the following locations near Kernersville: 

  • Winston-Salem, NC   
  • Clemmons, NC  
  • High Point, NC  
  • Advance, NC  
  • North Lexington, NC  
  • Lewisville, NC  
  • Pfafftown, NC 

You can get a discount if you get multiple services in one appointment. Call now to learn more. 

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