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Have multiple appliances that need to be fixed? Get a discount when you get multiple services!

It’s possible that your heating element needs to be replaced. This may be a sign of a bad thermostat or timer/control board. We will check for voltage electrical issues as well to ensure it’s not causing any problems.
This could be caused by an issue with your heating element, but start by checking your vent to make sure there is no blockage.
If your washer is off balance, it may be overloaded with clothes or have too many items on one side of the washing basket.
Water spots left on clean dishes may be a sign that you need to refill your dishwasher’s rinse aid. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may have a poor water connection or an issue with your heat dry system.
This could be a result of a leaking ice maker or water tube. Your system may need to be defrosted and drained.
Start by checking your door seals for a tight close. Your refrigerator not cooling could indicate problems with your seal system compressor, evaporator/condenser coils, and/or fan motors.
Always avoid putting any bones or metallic glasses into your garbage disposal.
This all depends on the age and condition of the appliance. If the repair cost exceeds 50% of a new one, it may be time to upgrade the appliance.
We will always do our best to find the right parts for your appliance! In some cases, parts may no longer be available which would result in needing a new appliance.
We offer a warranty of 90 days for parts and labor!
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